“Diddy & Biggie” repurposed denim jacket
Stray Cats vintage Big Mac work jacket
Crucifix repurposed vintage sweater
Indigo Crucifix UPcycled sweater
The Cheats custom acid wash denim w/hand studding
STURGIS 2007 repurposed denim jacket
Sold out
Led Zeppelin Upcycled cord jacket
Sold out
MOTHMAN UPcycled spike jacket (For M.)
Star Wars UPcycled canvas hooded jacket
Upcycled “Tater Red’s of Beale Street” denim jacket
Sold out
The Exorcist UPcycled stretch Denim jacket
Sold out
Upcycled Bowie crop Jean jacket
Upcycled “Prince & The Revolution” denim jacket
Upcycled “Marilyn Manson” Moto jacket
Repurposed Needlepoint boho jean jacket
Upcycled Metallica acid washed Levi’s vest
Sold out
Upcycled “GODZILLA” t-shirt denim
Sold out
Upcycled “Tupac” jacket
True vintage cross stitched back panel denim jacket
Sold out
Stevie Nicks UPcycled fur-cuffed denim jacket
Sold out
“Monster Skate” UPcycled denim jacket
Sold out
CBGB’s UPcycled Men’s jacket
Upcycled, Handstuded, denim jacket
Sold out
Flowers and Camo embroidered Air Force shirt