Q & A

Q: I’m local—- can I pick up my item from you and avoid shipping?

A: Yes! Type in “LOCALSRULE” during check out!  Make sure your shipping is discounted before completing your purchase.  As of right now, pickup will at a mutually agreed area in Trumbull/Mahoning county (Ohio) area.  


Q: Do you you make custom pieces with items I already have? What do you charge?

A: You bet I do!  Cost depends on what I’m creating for you. Don’t worry, it’s not crazy priced!

Q: I have a bunch of clothing (shirts, jackets, jeans, flowy skirts, flannels, army jackets, leather jackets, blank sweatshirts, rock shirts, movie shirts, pop culture, and etc) I’d like to donate— would you take it?

A: OMG! Yaaaaaas!! I always make something special for anyone donating items to me. The offer always stands and they can cash in the request whenever they like! (As long as I can do it!)


Q: I have some patches and what not that need sewn on my vest/jacket. Can you do that for me? 

A: You bet! Just send me an email and photos. 


Q: Are you still screen printing?

A: Little Tree Screenprinting is taking a temporary break. However, all my repurposed and UPcycled items are now on KerriRickard.com


Q: I’m not sure on your sizes and don’t want to buy something that won’t fit me, but I love what you’re making! What should I do?

A: Email me— tell me what you’re interested in and I’ll get the measurements to you. All items are non-returnable and Non-refundable.  Of course, exceptions may happen and I’m happy to work with you so you have a pleasant shopping experience with me!  Vintage pieces are so weird with sizing. What looks like a large, could be bigger or smaller. With some of my new postings, I’ve started listing measurements to help my shoppers!! ♥️