Zombie head custom made dangles
Wu-Tang reclaimed/Upcycled leather cuff
Upcycled, Handstuded, denim jacket
Upcycled t-shirt halter dress “Mario Bros./For the Win”
Upcycled t-shirt flannel “Super Mario Bros. periodic table”
Upcycled t-shirt flannel “Halloween/Michael Myers/Pumpkin Mask”
Upcycled t-shirt flannel “Curse of Michael Myers/Halloween”
Sold out
UPcycled t-shirt flannel “Super Mario Bros.”
Upcycled PINK FLOYD guitar pick and piggy DANGLE EARRINGS
Upcycled peek-a-boo sugar skull cardigan “Nancy”
Sold out
Upcycled peek-a-boo sugar skull cardigan “Morticia”
Upcycled peek-a-boo sugar skull cardigan “Honey Bunny”
Upcycled PAC-Man denim jacket
Sold out
Upcycled NIRVANA flowey t-shirt midi dress
Upcycled Mickey Skeleton t-shirt flannel
Sold out
Upcycled METALLICA camo shirt
Sold out
Sold out
Upcycled Led Zeppelin tie dye hi-lo fringe tee
Upcycled Juneteenth t-shirt halter maxi dress
Upcycled Def Leppard hi-lo fringe tee
Sold out
Upcycled DEAD INK collab: Zombie t-shirt flannel
Upcycled custom Cheetah tapestry jacket
Upcycled CRAFT BEER t-shirt halter
Upcycled CBGC’s denim blazer