Please Support my small business with your donation (pretty please).


Hi and hello to whomever is reading this,

Lots of times, I have had people tell me they love what I do and since most of what I make is a one of a kind— they want to know other ways they can support my small business. Especially, when I might not have the sizes they need at the moment. Other than clothing donations— little financial ones are always welcome!!

This is an opportunity to help me pay for upcoming shows, thread, sewing machine needles/repairs and more thrifting so I'm able to keep upcycling. Car repairs, so I can stay on the road traveling to shows. If you're able to contribute— the gratitude I have for your kindness is insurmountable!

For just $23.50– you can contribute to the creation of more meaningful ways to support UPcycling and repurposing 2nd hand clothing. Plus, I get to thrift for more weird clothes… yay!!

Thank you so much for your time!!

Sassy says, "WOOOOF!"