Kerri’s UNBELIEVABLY CUTE handmade & classic SOCK MONKEY

$5.25 - $35.50

One unbelievably cute and handmade Sock Monkey! Just like your Mom or Grammy used to make!

Each monkey may look a little different than the other since each one is made by hand— eyes might not be the same buttons on each one, ribbon may be different. Fez on hat may be bigger/smaller or different red. The mouth/bum bum may be different due to vintage socks being used— but, I promise they will be adorable.

After they are made, I embroider a heart on their chest to bring them to life and give them a name. Once you adopt yours, feel free to use a different one of your choosing.

In the drop down, you do have the added option of having one set of intials sewn on the sock monkey's bum-bum.

Enjoy the wild adventures you will have with your new friend!

(Photos of the sock monkey climbing Mt. Pillowmanjaro are courtesy of "Antonio's" owner, Diane Drapcho—singer and artist extraordinaire!)