Upcycled “NIN” babydoll/midi t-shirt dress

Sold out

Size: t-shirt is a vintage unisex LARGE.


This is a one of kind. Made completely from clothing donations given to me that friends couldn't use anymore. The NIN shirt had been THROUGH IT— so, it had to be UPcycled into something wearable again.

Perfect for concert season— some mean Doc Marten boots, black denim jacket— your choker collar— you're set. Be prepared— this babydoll dress will end up making new friendships for yah! You're also going to hear, "Where did you get that?!" ALOT. You're welcome. Hehe.

And yes— I've seen NIN in concert multiple times. Even at the Cleveland Agora in the 90's. I have STORIES!!

Grab this one quick, it's not staying around long.