Michael Myers/Halloween UPcycled t-shirt flannel jacket

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Michael Myers/Halloween UPcycled t-shirt flannel jacket

Size: Men's XLT

This type of flannel is something new I'm trying out and is my 3rd ever created. These are lined flannel jackets. This particular one has had some repair work— buttons replaced, patchwork, reinforced buttons on the cuffs and mending. This was donated from a dear friend who wanted to keep traveling on with a new owner.

This is a one-of-a-kind repurposed original! All made from 2nd hand, donated or found pieces. Find your new favorite go-to now!! These are made to become conversational heirloom pieces. They are also eco-friendly. Help keep clothing out of our landfills by Reusing , Repurposing , and Recycling!!

Please note: This tee for the flannel is a rare find— as i thrift for items to make the flannels— you don’t come by this type often, so the price is elevated to reflect the rarity of the thrift score.