CBGB’s UPcycled Men’s jacket

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CBGB’s UPcycled Men’s jacket

Size: Men's Large.
Brand: An Original Penguin by Munsingwear.
Color: Charcoal Grey

This gorgeous, barely worn, well-lined and beautifully crafted, men's jacket has just the right amount of custom stitched, punk attitude needed now! All we need is a few cigarette burns, some blood from stage slashing, and Chili on the front to make it official.

A true original and UPcycled. Buttons have been mended and given a good clean. In EXCELLENT shape! Two pockets inside for hidey spots.

Custom stitched t-shirt panel with reclaimed frayed denim. Punk stitched.

A well-loved gift for the holidays, plus— we are keeping landfills free of useable clothing! That's a win-win to keep reusing.

Prices lower to be loved, sooner.